Eat+Travel+Save: Zandy’s Steak Shop

813 St. John St.
Allentown, PA 18103-4050

What am I doing in Allentown is probably your first question? Well I was not visiting Dorney Park, instead I was there for a good friends wedding. Possibly the only other reason for me to be in Allentown. On a side note, yes I have been to Dorney Park as a kid, and it was AWESOME!

Now that I strayed for a second, time to get back on track. After the wedding, I woke up with a craving. A craving for cheese steak. There was something about being in PA, that made me believe that getting cheese steaks was the only thing to do! After realizing Philly is too far from Allentown and well out of the way for my trip back home to NYC, I started looking up options for cheese steaks close to me in Allentown and I came across Zandy’s. After reading few reviews, a friend and I decided we had to give this place a shot. I almost felt like I was Guy from Diners, Drive-In and Dives. In a random town, trying a hole in the wall hot spot, expecting  to find a meal that hits the spot.

As we arrived to Zandy’s, I can say this is not a hole in the wall, but is far from a 5 star restaurant. Zandy’s is a family owned business that is an Allentown staple. We walked into an establishment that was quite spacious, not what I expected at all.

Regardless, I quickly ordered what had brought me to Zandy’s. A cheese steak please with everything. Everything includes, cheese, onions, hot peppers, pickles and sauce. Yes sauce, you die hard Phillies are probably cringing at this  thought. The cheese steaks here are topped with marinara sauce. All the toppings are 100% optional so don’t feel obligated. In addition, because my friend had never tried them, she wanted to order the perogies.

About the star of the show… the cheese steak. At first I thought, hmm maybe I should not have gotten the marinara. Wrong! This is what makes their cheese steak! I really enjoyed the mixture of the sweetness of the sauce and spiciness of the peppers atop cheesy beef goodness. Perhaps I need to mention Zandy’s DOES NOT use cheese wiz!

Now I have never had a real Philly Cheese Steak, and I promise one day I will check out Pat’s and Genos. Until then I will hold Zandy’s as the best cheese steak I have had. I have tried few places here in NY most notably Carl’s which uses cheese whiz as found in Philly; but saying the best Cheese steak is anywhere outside of PA is like saying the best Pizza is in Chicago!