Eat+Travel+Save: Trumbull Kitchen

150 Trumbull Street
Hartford, CT 06103
P: 860.493.7416

New job and I am back on the road again. This time I found myself in Connecticut; Hartford to be exact. Actually, I will probably end up back here more often for business, so you can look forward to more reviews in Hartford.

While visiting, a friend suggested we check out Trumbull Kitchen. After initially looking at the menu I had to think how do you classify the food here? They have pies, burgers, thai, seafood and meatloaf! Talk about a hodge podge menu. You know what else stood out on the menu.. the drink list.

After sitting down, I was given a plate of mixed bread, and with the bread I see papadum. Not just any kind, the exact type my mom makes at home! I hardly find this style at Indian restaurants, and would not expect it at a mutt style restaurant in Hartford! Regardless, there was more than just padadum on the way.

I started off the meal with the herb and goat cheese fondue. Not only was this fondue unique and great, the papadum with the fondue was an amazing combination. What do you guys think of a papadum and fondue restaurant? Okay, enough of the papadum, I promise.

Entree time! I was contemplating between the Hawaiian Snapper, Hanger Steak and Spare Ribs. I decided on the Snapper, well after the fondue I wanted something on the healthy side. As a side I added the Truffle Pomme Frites (there goes healthy). I think you can add truffle oil on anything and I will love it! The snapper was a well flavored light dish, served with basmati rice.

To end the meal, I tried the coffee creme brule. I use the term try, because this was the most disappointing part of the meal. I had a few spoons and opted for an after dinner drink instead! Putting the dessert aside, Trumbull was an experience I look forward to again. Perhaps next time I am in Hartford I will check out more of the menu.