Eat+Travel+Save: The Frying Dutchmen

Here is something different. This time I can’t really tell you where this chow spot is as it is the first food truck I am reviewing. As of writing this the truck finder on their website does not work, but by following them on twitter you could possibly track them down. I ran into The Frying Dutchmen on 55th street between 6th ave and 7th ave during lunch.

Clearly by looking at the truck their main fare is fries, but what are fries without a burger. The only way to enjoy this food truck is to get the combo which is a burger, fries of your choice and a drink. On doing some research, it seems like the menu is constantly changing so on this visit I went for the Black & Blue burger. Yes, the name is odd, but you could expect a burger topped with blue cheese, buffalo sauce, onions and chips! I was informed all burgers are cooked medium unless asked otherwise, so I went with the house suggestion.

The fries have two, well three options. They have Belgium fries, sweet potato fries or you can get a combo. Then you select a dipping sauce of your choice. They have many options, but only a few in rotation each time. I selected the hells kitchen ketchup, which was a spicy chipotle ketchup. For me this was a great complement to the Belgium fries.

My total bill for lunch came out to about $12, which some might find steep for a lunch, but for a fresh burger and fries its actually a pretty good deal. The chips really made the burger for me, and it was quiet filling, I really only made it through half the burger. The fries were a bit greasy but greasy is tasty! I enjoyed my filling meal, and I will be on the look out for the truck again. With a changing menu I am sure there are many new reasons to go back.