Eat+Travel+Save: Mother Hubbards

5 West Hubbard Street
Chicago, IL 60610

Any place that boasts to have the best wings in town is a place I have visit. In addition if you’re listed on RewardsNetwork it helps just a little. Right on to the wings… AWESOME!

EDIT: I visited Hubbard’s again recently and was completly disappointed in the wings. They were EXTREMLY large and were impossible to eat! They basically gave us half chickens, not a good experience. Since that I am demoting them from two thumbs up. I am leaving the post as is since I had a couple of excellent experiences. I hope this was a one time thing.

They are definitely up there as some of the best wings I have tasted; they were spicy and had a lot of meat on them. I had 1 order for myself and could not finish. Mother Hubbard’s, has a great selection of beers as well. There was couple of local brews, which excited me. As for the rest of the food, I have only had their burger which was a nice portion, just nothing to run home about. There are other little things that make Mother Hubbard’s great; it is open until 4am, so when you get kicked out of the other bars and lounges in the area you know where to go. They apparently also have free wireless access, I never tried this out since the last thing I really care about when having a brew is being on the internet.