Eat+Travel+Save: Getting Bonuses To Eat

We all have credit cards that yield us points, and if you are like me you will charge every meal for those amazing points. If so, I would like to introduce you to Rewards Network, also known as iDine. If you already know about Rewards Network how about jumping to a [randomPost]random post[/randomPost], otherwise read ahead.

Rewards Network lets you earn additional bonuses at program specific dining spots when you use any of your credit cards. Bonuses can be miles, points, cash back, college savings and even a donation to a worthy cause. For example you may have an American Express where you get AmEx points, with Rewards Network you can sign up for say AAdvantage miles for your dines on top of the AmEx points. Visit their website and take a peek at their many dining programs and see which one stirs your interest.

When you join, you have to link your credit card to the account and from then on out whenever you dine at a restaurant in the Rewards Network program you will earn the additional bonus. This is a GREAT trick if you are someone who is trying to keep your airline miles from expiring. What makes it even better is that you can join multiple programs and link a different credit card for each program.

As with all rewards programs, there are tiers. You may start with 1 point per dollar spent and move all the way to 10 points per dollar spent as you climb the tiers. In addition there are special bonus offers that will allow you to accumalate even more points per dine.

All in all, this is a must have for any foodie who is a points horde!

The Short

  1. Go to The Rewards Network Website
  2. Find a Dining Program or Programs that Interest you the most.
  3. Create an Account for each Program
  4. Link your Credit Cards
  5. Dine Out
  6. Enjoy the Bonus Miles, Points or what ever your choose!