Eat+Travel+Save: Dos Caminos What is the Secret?

Dos Caminos is an immensely popular Mexican chain, in New York and around the country. They are a bit on the high end side of Mexican dining as they are a part of the BR Guestgroup. Having been there on many occasions, I always came out feeling a bit let down. The food never hit the spot, but the bill did do a dent to the wallet. I have tried many items on the menu and constantly left with this feeling; where is Taco Bell? Okay, maybe a bit of exaggeration there, but you get the point.

So what is the point of this write up? Am I simply trying to bash Dos Caminos, even though I end up back there over and over again? Not really, for once I found a dish at Dos Caminos that will make me come back and I wanted to share. The Lobster Ceviche. I tried the Ceviche Trio, which comes with a Tuna, Snapper and Lobster sample. The snapper, had a typical ceviche taste to it. The tuna was basically 2 pieces of sushi grade tuna in vinegar, but the lobster was unique. It had some sort of cream sauce. Yes a cream based ceviche, something I am not use to seeing at all. The flavors just blended together! I have to say I finally found a stand out dish at Dos, and now will say you have to go there just to try it!