Chicken and Rice in LIC – Khao Man Gai NY (Closed)

UPDATE: This restaurant has closed, and no information is available.

I barely finished hitting Publish on my last Post; before I ran into Khao Man Gai. Currently a pop up restaurant in Long Island City, at Bricktown Bagel; Khao Man Gai serves just that Khao Man Gai. Thai Chicken and rice that is oh very similar to Hainanese Chicken and Rice.

From, my perspective I really can not tell the difference between Thai and Singapore versions of this dish, but that does not matter. What really matters is that these guys know what they are doing! After my trip to Singapore, this is just what I was looking for, and amazingly enough it is minutes from my door step.

Being a pop up, the menu is pretty simple – as it is variations of their chicken and rice. There are also some appetizers – I did get the Thai Spring rolls. the couple that runs the place are really friendly so if you stop in, say hi converse and get the chicken and rice!