Eat+Travel+Save: Bella Bacino

75 E Wacker Dr.
Chicago , IL, 60601
Located In the Club Quarters Hotel

Located in the Club Quarters hotel, which I frequently stayed in Chicago, Bella Bacino was a restaurant I would visit quiet often. Since I have “dined” at Bellas so many times I definitely had a list of favorite dishes. The list is as follows, the Calamari and Mussels appetizer, for dishes New York Strip Panini, Penne Bolognaise, and Chicken Stuffed with Asiago cheese. This place is also pretty famous for their pizzas, personally I am not the biggest pizza person but they were good;. I stuck with the BBQ Chicken Pizze. Finally their desserts, there is a Crème brule, Tiramisu and Flourless Chocolate Cake; all are amazing so you can not go wrong. One major plus point to Bella’s is their specials; their chef always has an interesting list of specials each week. One week there was a banana pepper stuffed with different cheeses it was simply amazing. The staff here is probably the friendliest staff I have met anywhere. In addition they always have a great selection of wine. If you stay any where near this restaurant, it is a must visit. The staff itself is worth it.