Eat+Travel+Save: Anytime Cafe (CLOSED)

93 N. 6th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

I think its time to hand over the title of best burger in NYC. Honestly, I feel bad taking it away from Creek and The Cave, but Anytime Cafe just gives me no choice. It is easy to miss Anytime Cafe as it is surrounded by huge establishments such as Sea and Galapagos, but once discovered this place is sure to stick out. First off this place is not expensive at all, a meal for 3 people with drinks ran about $65 with tip! To start off we ordered chicken fingers and a hummus plate. Now I did not choose the chicken fingers, but the people I was with said it was a must have. The hummus came out with fresh pita bread and was a good helping of hummus, as I write this I am actually craving it again. As for the chicken fingers I was impressed. They were smaller pieces served with a honey mustard sauce, but had a great deal themselves. Well back to the burger nonsense I began with I ordered their Anytime burger, which is a lamb burger served in a pita bread! WOW! A nice juicy lamb burger, by far the best I have had! Really if you eat lamb, you need to make a trip to Anytime cafe. If you like your food spicy make sure to ask for their special hot sauce. It is called Srug, it is possible the waiters do not even know about it since it is not on the menu, so you have to ask for it by name. Don’t worry I will never demote the burger over at the Creek, but we will keep it as the best burger in Queens, while from now I will give the title of best burger in NYC to Anytime Cafe.